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SCN technology

Stem Cell - derived Treatments Platform

stem cell engineering for maximizing anti-inflammatory and regenerative potential

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SCN technology (Stem Cell-derived Nanovesicle)

SCN technology (Stem Cell-derived Nanovesicle)

SCN (Stem Cell-derived Nanovesicle) technology
For Theranostics (therapy + diag-nostics) and Drug Delivery

NTRACLE theragnostic treatments: SCN(Stem cell-derived nano vesicles) technology
Exosomes are extracellular vesicles produced in the endosomal part of eukaryotic cells. Because they often contain a variety of molecular constituents including miRNAs, RNAs, protein that can play a significant role in cell-to-cell signaling and immune response mediation, exosomes have been recently lauded for potential clinical applications. Although immense efforts are exerted by numerous companies in the world, the realization of exosome-based products is currently challenged by the low yield rate and the difficulty in quality control.

The NTRACLE theragnostic treatments being developed by NUMAIS are relied on the mesenchymal stem cell(MSC)-derived nano vesicles fabricated through our unique synthesis technology. These are exosome-mimicking vesicles that possess various biological response modifiers of the MSCs. Such stem cell-derived nanovesicles present much higher yield rate showing great advantage in mass-production. Our SCN technology will pave the way for the development of extracellular vesicle treatments including the anti-inflammatory regenerative theragnostic agents of atherosclerosis.
Ntracle targeting to blood vessel lesions tissue